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Have Commercial Carpet Cleaning Needs? Why It's Important To Use A Professional

As a commercial property owner, it's important to keep the interior of your property clean and safe for all. This means keeping the floors clean so germs and bacteria don't spread throughout the building.

If you have carpeting in your commercial space, and the carpeting has high traffic use every day, it's time to talk with a commercial carpet cleaning company to come tackle your floors. You want to have the carpet thoroughly cleaned for the following benefits not only for the carpeting but also throughout the workspace.

Eliminate Bacteria

Bacteria spread easily from surface to surface. You could have the following things living in your office space carpeting:

  • Mold
  • E-coli
  • Norovirus
  • Allergens
  • Insect larvae and eggs

Tests have shown that around 200,000 bacteria are living in each square inch of carpeting. This is 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Eliminating the bacteria from your space will do the following:

  • Eliminate odors
  • Prevent the spread of illness
  • Improve air quality

Talk with different commercial carpet cleaning companies to see what types of chemicals they use to treat the carpeting, to ensure that all the bacteria and fungi are killed during treatment.

Improve Carpet Appearance

Professional cleaning treatments will improve the look of the carpeting. Stains, matting, and possibly discoloration can be removed with commercial-quality cleaning. This will help to make the office space look cleaner and make the carpeting look newer. When having a commercial space, you always want to have a property that looks well-maintained.

Enhance Carpet Longevity

Dirt, grime, and bacteria can eat away at the carpet fibers. Dirt and sand being pushed through the carpeting will break down the threads. When you are removing debris with commercial carpeting cleaning, this will help you maintain the life of the carpeting. You want the carpeting to last longer to save you money, and professional cleaning is a step towards longer-lasting flooring.

Call a couple of different carpet cleaning companies to see what type of services you can have completed, and what products each company is using. Some of the companies may have products that don't just treat bacteria, but they can also apply a sealant on the carpeting to protect it from wear in the future as well.

People see your carpeting right away when entering the commercial space. Take care of the floors, eliminate odors and stains, and make the carpeting a welcoming asset of the building.

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