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Tips For Your First Time At A Laundromat

It's more convenient to use your washer and dryer at home, but there are times when it's best to use a laundromat. You can wash and dry your clothes yourself or go to a full-service laundromat and drop off your dirty things and pick up clean folded clothes later. You might prefer to use a laundromat when you're behind on laundry since you can wash and dry multiple loads at once.

Another great time to use commercial machines is when you want to wash comforters or rugs. Commercial machines come in different sizes so you can wash and dry big things that might strain your machines at home. Here are some tips for using the laundromat. 

Take Plenty Of Bills Or Change

Find out first how the machines operate. Older machines may still take change. If so, you may want to buy a roll of quarters before you go in case the change machine is out of service. You might also want to take one-dollar bills in case you need extra money for the change machines or snacks.

Some machines are operated with a credit or debit card, and these are convenient since you don't have to worry about carrying money. In addition to finding out how to pay for the machines, find out how much they cost so you're prepared if you're going to pay cash.

Go When It's Slow

Mornings and early afternoons are good times to do your laundry. Weekdays are usually better than weekends. You probably won't have to wait on machines if you go at a slow time. Doing your laundry can be frustrating when it's a busy time since you may spend a lot of downtime waiting on washers or dryers to become available.

You may even need to wait on fold tables. Plus, you'll have to put up with crowds of people. If you want the smoothest experience, do your laundry during a slow time of the day.

Take Something To Read Or Work On

Sitting in a laundromat isn't the most exciting way to spend your time. There may be random magazines available, but it's a good idea to take something along to entertain yourself. If you get bored, you may be tempted to run to the store. That works fine in some cases, but if there isn't an attendant present, someone could steal your things. If your dryer stops and you're not there, someone might pull your clothes out so they can claim the dryer.

Going to the laundromat isn't a bad experience, but it can be boring since you need to be in one place rather than at home where you can watch TV, cook, or play with kids while your laundry is being done. Once you've gone to the laundromat a few times, you'll feel more at ease and more familiar with the way they work and the etiquette you're expected to follow.

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