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Important Steps Needed For Tile And Grout Cleaning

If you have a tile floor in your home, you know how the grout lines get dirty over time. You may not realize how dirty your floor is until you've had it cleaned with professional equipment. The tiles may be much darker if they've soaked up dirt and grime. Plus, the light-colored grout is probably dark and stained.

Even if you sweep and mop your floor regularly, it's a good idea to have professional cleaning done periodically. Professional tile and grout cleaning deep cleans your floor to lift out dirt and stains so your floor looks brighter, fresher, and newer. Here are important steps in the tile and grout cleaning process.

Sweep Away Surface Dirt

Cleaning surface dirt away is an important first step. This can be done with floor-cleaning equipment that has brushes on it to brush off loose dirt so it can be vacuumed away from the floor. This also gives the floor cleaner a chance to examine your floor to determine the right cleaning chemicals to use and to note where stains are located that might need special care.

Wash The Floor

Tile and grout cleaning is done with a water extraction machine that forces water and cleaning solutions deep into the tile and grout and then extracts the water quickly so your floor doesn't get soaked. Brushes also scrub the floor to get it as clean as possible. This method allows for deep cleaning. By removing deep dirt, your floor will look lighter and brighter.

This method removes dirt from the tiles as well as the grout. Grout is much more porous, so it will soak up more water, but the water is extracted at the same time by the machine ensuring that dirt gets removed and won't just settle back into the grout. Since grout is so porous, it usually gets dirtier than the tile. When tile and grout cleaning is complete, dark grout lines should look light again.

Seal The Floor

Tile and grout cleaning is often ended by sealing the floor. The sealer penetrates the grout and seals it so dirt and dirty water from mopping the floor can't seep into the grout and discolor it. This keeps your floor looking clean and fresh for longer. It also protects the grout so the grout doesn't break up as fast and needs to be replaced. Sealing is optional, but it's an important step in tile and grout cleaning, so you'll probably want to have your floor sealed to maintain the clean look longer and to make the floor easier to clean.

For more info about tile and grout cleaning, contact a local company. 

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