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The Dirty Secrets Of Warehouses: Places That Need A Thorough, Deep Clean

When most people think of warehouses, they imagine a clean and organized space where products are stored and shipped. However, what many people don't know is that warehouses can be just as dirty as any other structure.

Discover some of the dirtiest places in a warehouse and how to clean them properly.

The Receiving Area

It's no secret that keeping your warehouse fully operational requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail. A key part of this process is ensuring that the receiving area is always kept clean and organized. After all, this is the first place where incoming shipments come in, so it needs to be absolutely pristine in order to avoid any potential contamination or issues with maintaining inventory levels.

Why does this area need a thorough, deep clean? First, there's the issue of safety. Since this place is often where incoming products are inspected for defects or broken seals, any dirt or debris could potentially cause harm to employees if they come into contact with it.

Additionally, a well-maintained receiving area will make it easier for workers to identify damaged goods at first glance, which can help reduce waste and prevent errors from happening down the line.

So why not simply go through with basic cleaning efforts each week? Simply dusting or vacuuming isn't enough in an area as heavily trafficked as a warehouse reception area. You need specialized equipment and cleansers that can break down even the toughest grime buildup. In fact, you need a team of janitorial professionals who know how to properly use them.

A deep clean of the receiving area should always include a thorough cleaning of the floors, walls, and ceilings. A janitorial service will dust and wipe down all surfaces, and remove any spills or stains. In addition, clutter or debris should be removed from the area to help keep things organized.

Warehouse Break Room 

The break room is another important area of your warehouse that needs to be kept clean at all times. After all, this is where your employees will go to take a break, grab a bite to eat, or use the restroom.

A dirty break room can quickly lead to all sorts of problems, from decreased employee morale to an increased risk of foodborne illnesses. Not to mention how a messy break room makes it difficult for employees to find the items they need –– which can lead to valuable time going to waste during their breaks.

To avoid these issues, hire a janitorial service to sweep and mop the floors on a regular basis, wipe down all surfaces, and empty the trash cans. In addition, these experts can make sure that there is always plenty of soap and paper towels available for employees to use.

Apart from the occasional deep clean, you can set up a cleaning schedule for the break room so that everyone knows when not to interfere with the process. This can be a great way to keep the space clean and ensure that your employees have the opportunity to take their breaks in a comfortable and safe environment. 

For more information, contact a local janitorial services company. 

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