Preparing for a Family Gathering

Have Joint Issues? Maintain a Spotless Home With Cleaning Services

Maintaining your home requires physical activity in varying degrees. While you may feel comfortable handling a few lightweight activities, your joint issues might get in the way of more demanding responsibilities. Although you can get help from household members, you may know that your family has other important obligations that keep them busy.

A great alternative and long-term solution is professional house cleaning. Figuring out the cleaning frequency and details will help you find an ideal routine that works for your needs.


Bathrooms are essential to keep clean because of all the hygiene-related tasks that you handle, such as brushing teeth, using the toilet, and bathing. For instance, you may not feel great about using a bathtub, shower, or toilet with visible buildup and mildew growth. The issue is that getting rid of this grime and mildew can demand more physical activity than you can handle.

An excellent indicator of how often you should get professional house cleaning is the primary bathroom. As soon as you start seeing buildup, you can schedule immediate cleaning.


While a dust-free home is not as impactful as a mildew-free bathroom, you will appreciate living in a place with little to no dust on furniture and decorations. Dusting some furniture and easy-to-access decorations may not prove too troubling for your joint situation. However, you may know that you cannot reach the ceiling, tall furniture, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

A smart idea is to determine what you can dust without straining your joints or muscles. Then, you can make sure to leave the features that you cannot reach for cleaners to dust off.


Over a week, you may find it doable to keep most of your appliances clean with quick wipe-downs using a sponge, cloth, or paper towel. However, you will find that these appliances can develop hard-to-clean spots over time, especially the oven and stovetop. Getting deep into the oven and back of the refrigerator can prove challenging with joint issues.

An easy solution is to hire house cleaners who will clean your appliances on their typical visits.


Getting on the ground or bending over to clean a single mess may be doable. However, you may find it tough to clean the baseboards because you need to move around so much. While your walls may stay clean, you might notice the baseboards pick up a lot of dirt and grime.

Regular house cleaning services are worthwhile for maintaining a spotless home and keeping you from aggravating joint problems. For more information, contact a company such as The Elite Maids.

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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