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Should You Start A Janitorial Services Company?

Starting a janitorial services company might be both easier and harder than you think, but one thing is clear: the job can be both in-demand and profitable if you start your business off right. Should you start a janitorial services company? This isn't the career for everyone, but it might be just the career move you need to become more financially independent and work more on your own schedule.

You are self-motivated

To have a successful janitorial services company, you need to be self-motivated. You have to be able to call potential clients, which can be schools, local businesses, or even residential homes if you want to include house cleaning in your janitorial services. You have to do your research on what janitors make in your area — which can vary but it's wise to charge the average of five to 10 cents per cleaned square foot to start — and create your pitch so you can gain new clients.

If this sounds daunting, know this: it gets easier to gain clients and create your business strategy with time. To start, approach smaller local businesses or even simply put an ad in your local newspaper and your reputation will grow as your skills do.

You love cleaning and working with people

While janitorial services are usually those services that are done behind the scenes, your love of working with and for your community will help make you a successful janitor. If you like to clean and organize, these skills can make you a more successful janitorial services provider. Your people skills will make you easier to work with for clients and can help you communicate more clearly what you provide and listen more effectively to what clients want.

In short, if you believe that being a janitor means you can simply vacuum and wipe down walls and sweep floors and never have to communicate with your clients, you'll quickly learn this isn't the case. Each client will have a custom cleaning plan and schedule that you'll design with them, so being a people person is helpful to your success.

You'll want to be licensed and bonded as part of your janitorial cleaning business in addition to having proper commercial cleaning gear. Taking a class regarding cleaning chemicals and how to work with them is also beneficial and can help you make your janitorial services stand out among other similar services while providing a safe and clean environment for you, your staff, and your clients.

For more information on janitorial services, contact a professional near you.

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