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Planning To Sell Your Home? How To Prepare For Your Radon Testing

If you're trying to sell your home and you're scheduled for a radon test, it's time to prepare. Failing a radon test can wreak havoc on the sale of your home, even if you fail by just a few points. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help you pass the test. However, you do need to prepare well in advance of the radon test. Now that you're scheduled for the test, here are four steps you can take to help achieve a passing score. 

Seal the Concrete in Your Basement

If you have an unfinished basement, there's a good chance that you'll fail the radon test, especially if you have bare concrete. You might not realize this, but bare concrete can increase the risk for radon exposure. That's why it's important that you take steps to prevent that. Before the radon test, make sure you apply a waterproof sealant to all the bare concrete in your basement. This should include any bare concrete walls you might have in the basement, as well. 

Repair Cracks in the Foundation

If the sale of your home is dependent on a passing score on the radon test, take a close look at your foundation. If you see any cracks, you need to seal those with a latex caulk as quickly as possible. This should include any cracks you have in the garage as well. Cracks in the foundation can allow radon gases to escape into your home. The best way to prevent that is to repair any cracks you find in the foundation. 

Enclose Your Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump in your basement, you might not think that it will have any bearing on your radon test results. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily the case, especially if it's an exposed pump. If you're scheduled for a radon test, give your sump pump a quick inspection. If it's exposed, install an airtight sump pump cover. That way, you can reduce the radon gases, which will help to ensure a passing score on your test. 

Increase the Ventilation

Finally, if you're scheduled to have your home tested for radon, take steps to increase the ventilation. The more ventilation you get into your home, the lower the radon levels will be. That's because proper air circulation helps to clean the air of harmful gases. First, open all of your windows. Second, turn your ceiling fans on to the highest setting. Finally, allow the air to circulate in your home for several days prior to the radon test. 

For more information about radon home testing, contact a local service provider.

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