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4 Services Offered By Hotel Cleaning Staff

Some people stay in hotels because they're away on business, and others stay because they're on vacation. No matter why your guests are staying at your hotel, they don't want to be bothered with the minutiae of everyday life. Hotel cleaning staff is an integral part of any successful hotel. They can provide the services that guests expect out of a quality hotel stay. Here are some of the services that hotel cleaning staff can provide:

1. Waste Disposal

Hotel guests don't have access to dumpsters or exterior trash cans like they do at home, so hotel-provided waste disposal services are especially important. During the cleaning staff's daily room service, they will remove trash from guests' rooms. Trash cans will be emptied, and trash can liners will be replaced. Any dirty dishes left over from room service will be cleared away, and clean coffee cups will be provided if necessary.

2. Vacuuming

Hotel cleaning staff will also vacuum guests' rooms. Fresh, clean carpets are more pleasant for guests to walk on, especially if they choose to go barefoot. Vacuuming services are especially important at beachside hotels, where guests tracking sand into the room is a real possibility. Periodically, hotel cleaning staff will shampoo your hotel carpets when guests aren't present.

3. Linen Changing

Hotel cleaning staff will make sure that guests have access to clean, fresh linens at all times. They will replace used towels daily unless guests request to keep their towels. Guests also have the opportunity to request additional towels in between regular service times. Hotel cleaning staff will change the bed linens whenever guests check out to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. If guests require additional bed linen changes during their stay, they can request it.

4. Turndown Service

Many guests enjoy luxury service while staying at a hotel. You can provide it by offering turndown service. Turndown service is typically performed midday or during the afternoon. Hotel cleaning staff will turn down the sheets and comforters on guests' beds to prepare them. This extra touch can help guests feel cared for during their stay.

When hiring personnel for your hotel, it's important that you don't skimp on cleaning staff. A professional hotel cleaning service can ensure that your hotel is always beautiful and luxurious. They will be discreet and helpful without disturbing your customers. Hotel cleaning staff can provide the five-star experience that all your guests deserve.

Reach out to a local hotel cleaning service to learn more. 

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