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Learn All About House Washing

There are a lot of things that cause the exterior of your home to get dirty. Everything from rain to animal urine will build up on the exterior parts of your home including the roof, the siding, the doors, and the windows. House washing is something some homeowners are diligent about, yet something other homeowners don't know about. If you haven't had your house washed yet, then you want to learn more about it. 

Soft washing and pressure washing are both house cleaning methods 

Soft washing is done by washing the house with a softer pressure and a special cleaning solution that is often chosen when a home needs to have a light cleaning done to its exterior. The soft pressure and the solution are enough to remove dirt, light stains, and minor areas of mildew. 

Pressure washing is done by washing the home with a much higher pressure than what is used with a soft wash. It is generally chosen when the home needs a more serious cleaning due to things like the accumulation of years' worth of dirt and mud, dark stains, and more serious mildew and mold growth. 

House washing can be done as needed or routinely

House washing should be done when you start to notice that there are signs of dirt that can be seen when looking at it. Or, you can have it done on an annual basis as a part of your home's routine maintenance. You might want to have the house washed after serious storms that can leave it dirty from mud or even after a dust storm has blown through and caused it to gather a layer of dust. 

Some houses can use a house washing more than others

There are some things that can cause some homes to need more washing than others. This includes:

  • Living in an area with a lot of dirt, such as on a dirt road or in a home with a dirt yard

  • Living in a home near the beach or another large, dandy area

  • Living in a region with a lot of rain

  • Living in a home surrounded by an abundance of trees

  • Living in an area with high humidity levels

  • Living in a home located next to an active construction site

Some days are better than others to wash the house

It's better to have the house washed on a sunny day with warmer temperatures. This way, the house will dry at a nice speed. You don't want to have the house washed on a cloudy and/or cold day where it won't dry quickly. However, you also don't want to have it washed when it's very hot or it will dry too quickly. For more information, contact a house washing service

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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