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4 Things To Look For In A Professional Roof Cleaner

While cleaning your roof can be a necessary part of home maintenance, you shouldn't do it yourself. And because you probably aren't a roof cleaning expert and supervising someone else while they clean your roof could be difficult, finding an experienced and trustworthy professional you can rely on is critical.

Here are some things to look for in a professional roof cleaner.

1. Great References

First, you need to know that the contractor habitually does a great job of roof cleaning. So talk to their repeat customers about the quality of the work they do, the value for money, and their level of customer service. If they have a website or any online reviews, be sure to read through those as well for any recommendations or other opinions of the quality of service.

2. Specialized Cleaning Equipment

You don't want to just hire a handyman with a pressure washer to clean your roof. In fact, using the wrong equipment could actually damage your roof. One example is if a pressure washer with too much pressure is used, the high-powered water could blast the protective granules right off of your asphalt shingles, leaving the shingles more vulnerable.

A good professional cleaner will have equipment such as large, soft brooms and brushes and a washer with lower pressure levels than a typical pressure washer.

3. Qualifications

While roof cleaners aren't regulated like electricians and plumbers, you can still take a look at their qualifications to see if they're likely to be a great fit for your roof. For example, if they have special certifications for their cleaning services, you know they've put at least some effort into getting qualified.

However, because no universal standardized certification for roof cleaners exists, many great roof cleaners may have no such certifications. Another type of qualification you can look for is if they've had training in how to clean roofs safely. Or if they're a professional roof contractor as well as roof cleaner, that's another reason to suspect they know how to clean a roof without damaging it.

4. Lots of Roof Cleaning Experience

The more experience your contractor has with the job you're paying for, the better. For instance, if your roof black streaks on the shingles, you'll want someone who can tell when these streaks indicate algae or bacteria growth rather than dirt. And you'll want someone who knows how to deal with the situation without harming your roof.

These are just four things to look for before you decide which professional roof cleaning contractor to hire. As always, make sure your contractor has the correct insurance and safety precautions in place before they ascend to the roof. Contact a roof cleaning service for more information. 

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