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3 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Carpet Cleaner

If your carpet is showing its age, investing in carpet cleaning can help it look like new again. However, not every carpet cleaning company is created equally. Here are a few questions to ask before you commit to a carpet cleaner.

1. What kind of carpet cleaning technique do you use?

Two of the most prevalent carpet cleaning techniques are steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction cleaning) and chemical cleaning. Steam cleaning is a popular cleaning alternative because it is most effective at ridding your carpets of all the dust, grime, and bacteria that are hiding in the fibers.

However, steam cleaning does penetrate your carpets with a lot of water; after the cleaner applies the hot water and cleaner, they will remove the bulk of the moisture using a device similar to a vacuum. If the water is not properly removed, it can cause your carpets to mildew.

Make sure that your carpet cleaner has experience completing steam carpet cleanings and that their equipment is up-to-date. Up-to-date equipment in proper working order will be more effective at removing as much moisture as possible. Another advantage is that this will decrease the length of time it takes your carpets to dry, minimizing the disruption to your household.

Chemical carpet cleaning uses a chemical solution and lower amounts of water to clean your carpets. Due to the lower amounts of liquid, your carpets have a shorter drying time. However, chemical cleaning will not remove deep or set-in stains as effectively as steam cleaning.

Should you have concerns about the ingredients used in the company's cleaners, now is the time to ask about them.

2. How much will the job cost me?

One of the most important components of any project is the final cost. A reputable carpet cleaner will provider you with a free estimate. Most cleaners charge based on how much carpet you have. If you commit to having multiple rooms or even the entire house cleaned, you may be able to procure a better deal. 

3. Is your work guaranteed?

A responsible carpet cleaning company wants you to be happy with your results. Look for a company that offers some type of guarantee that they will stand behind their work. If your carpet has a leftover stain or if you feel like it doesn't look as clean as it could, your cleaning company should be willing to come back out and address your concerns if you report the problem within a specified period.

Contact a service, like A Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning, for more help.

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