Preparing for a Family Gathering

Maintaining A Healthy Office Workplace During Flu Season

When you own or manage an office where several people are employed, one part of your job is to make sure that the workplace is healthy and safe for everyone who works there. With flu season in full swing, how often are people missing work because they've fallen ill? If you do your part, you will be able to create and maintain a healthy workplace where germs are limited and so are the sick days used. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you achieve that goal.

Hire Janitorial Services

To make sure that everything is getting cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day, you'd do well to hire a janitorial service for the office, such as First American Maintenance. There is a lot that goes into cleaning an office space, especially if you're focusing on germ and bacteria control.

When talking with the service, make it known that your main focus is keeping the workplace healthy. This will provide the service with the information that they need to choose the right cleaning solutions and techniques for each clean.

Install Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

It might be difficult to get to a sink to wash your hands every time you touch a doorknob, rub your face or pick up a phone, but you can quickly get a squirt of hand sanitizer and rub it in on the go. These dispensers should be placed at each door, at the entrance of the breakroom, the exits of the bathrooms and anywhere else that people tend to congregate.

Note: To avoid forgetting to refill the dispensers, you can include the filling task with the janitorial services.

Encourage Sick Days

Don't make it impossible for your employees to call in sick. Some companies carry such severe repercussions when a person calls in sick that they have no choice but to go to work no matter how sick they are. This results in another person getting sick, then another and another – let the sick people stay home where they won't spread the illnesses to everyone else in the office. It's better to have one person out sick than three.

Run Air Purification Systems

There are some really great air purification systems marketed today. These machines pull the dirty, germ filled air into it, filters it through a HEPA filter or UV light to kill any living organisms that could make people sick and releases the clean air back into the space.

These changes may cost the company a bit, but the cost of losing employees every week to another strain of illnesses will be far greater. Start making changes today to see fewer sick excuses this year.

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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