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Reasons To Clean Your New-To-You Furniture

While you have a knack for buying used furniture, you should take precautions when you purchase something that has been used by someone else. Furniture may look great and appear to be in clean, healthy condition on the outside, but this is no reason not to have your upholstery professionally cleaned. Here are reasons to have your new-to-you furniture professionally cleaned before you start using it.

You don't know how the furniture was used

You have no idea how the furniture you've just bought or inherited was used before you brought it into your home. Was the previous homeowner a pet owner who allowed their pets to sit on the furniture? If so, dander, hair, and feces or urine stains may be present on the pieces you've just brought into your home.

Were kids allowed to eat on furniture? Perhaps there are hidden food stains, which means odors and bacteria that you can't tell are there just by looking at the furniture.

Did the previous homeowner smoke inside or have other smokers in the home? While smoke can be temporarily masked by a scented spray or a quick wipe down, smoke odors can linger for a long time. What's worse: smoke that is old still contains many of the same noxious chemicals you try to avoid.

Since you don't know how the furniture you've just gotten was taken care of or used by the previous owner, you should have an upholstery cleaning specialist clean your furniture for you. This way, you know your furniture is in as best condition as possible and safe for your family to use.

You don't know if the furniture has ever been cleaned before

Upholstery cleaning is something every person who owns furniture pieces should do. You have no idea if the previous owner(s) ever cleaned their furniture, even if they show you a receipt for services. Since you cannot prove when or if a piece of used furniture has ever been professionally attended to, do your part to keep your pieces in clean condition by hiring a cleaning service to thoroughly disinfect and steam clean your items for you.

Upholstery cleaning allows your furniture to stay fresher, newer-looking, and more attractive for longer periods of time. You can have your furniture steam cleaned when you have your carpets taken care of or cleaned immediately before you use them in your home, especially if your pieces are used.

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