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Improving Communication With Your Janitorial Staff

When you have a janitorial staff care for an office space, there will be times in which you need to communicate with the employees providing the service. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help to improve the communication between you and your cleaning staff. 

Check the Service

Some commercial cleaning services make it as easy as logging into an online account to communicate with the staff. An online messaging system could be the solution to your communication issues. Be sure to inquire about the time restrictions for receiving messages. In some cases, messages that are sent after a certain time will not be read until the following day, so you may still need to find an alternative communication line if what you need falls outside of those hours.

Message Board

The cleaning staff likely has at least one area in which they store some supplies or where they frequent each day. This is the area in which you'll want to hang a message board. This board can be used to communicate about all sorts of things – areas that don't need cleaned that day, an area that needs more attention, supplies that may need ordered – whatever it is you need to communicate, you have the board to do just that – and the cleaning staff can reply right there on the board.

Flagging Trouble Spots

If you notice that there's a new ink spot on the carpeting, smudges on the windows or other issues that you'd like the cleaning staff to focus on, you'll need a way to bring it to their attention. You can use small post it notes to highlight the areas that need the extra attention. A small note with an explanation is all that you'll need. Now, you might not be able to get the spot treated the day that you've asked and there may be an additional fee for this type of service add-on, but just making it easier for the staff to find the trouble-spots will help to improve the likelihood of these things getting taken care of in a timely manner.

Remain Pleasant and Appreciative

If something isn't quite right, don't fly off of the handle and begin demanding this or that. Instead, contact the service and call the service and calmly explain any disappointments you may have. Calm, levelheaded communication will show that you appreciate the time being taken to resolve the issue and yield you much better results than anger would.

Talk with your local office janitorial service today to learn more about what they offer for your company.

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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