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4 Tricks For Keeping Your Small Office Clean

When running a small business, make sure that you don't forget to prioritize keeping your business clean on top of everything else that you have to do. Keeping your office clean is a team effort. Here are a few tricks you can use to clean up your office space and keep it that way.

Get Rid of Individual Trash Cans

One of the first things that you can do to keep your small office clean is get rid of individual trash cans. Individual trash cans are hard to manage and can cause your office to turn into a dirty space. Place a few trash cans around community areas that are easy for your employees to access. This is just one way to help keep your office clean. Make sure as well that someone in your office is assigned to empty out the trash cans on a daily basis. Clean trash cans will help contribute to an overall clean office space.

Provide Cleaning Wipes for Individual Office Spaces

Individual office cubical can be dirty places that can harbor lots of dirt and germs. Many people overlook how dirty their workspace can be. You can combat this by making sure that each employee has a set of cleaning wipes that they keep by their desk and can use to clean their desks.

Encourage your employees to wipe down their keyboard, chair, computer mouse, and phone on a regular basis. Provide employees with electrical cleaning wipes for cleaning off monitors and screens. Make sure your employees know that all monitor and screens should be turned off before cleaning wipes are used on them.

Put Rugs In Place

A lot of dirt is tracked into your office on the bottom of people's shoes. Make sure that you have both interior and exterior rugs at all entrances to your business. Rugs can help cut down on the amount of dirt that gets into your business. Also, make sure that the rugs are cleaned on a regular basis. Rugs are effective at stopping dirt from getting into your building only if they are used.

Hire a Cleaning Service

If your office is small, you don't need to have a cleaning service come through every day to clean things up. However, your office could benefit from a weekly cleaning service. With a weekly cleaning service, cleaners can come in and clean your floors, bathrooms, windows, and all surfaces in your office. This will take the burden of deep cleaning your office away from your employees and ensure that the task is done well on at least a weekly basis.

For more information about keeping your office clean, contact a company like Commercial Cleaning Services.

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