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Tips For Keeping Your Facilities Clean

If you are the manager of your building or of your office, there is a good chance that you have a highly qualified janitorial team that is able to help you keep your office clean. However, you likely don't have them in your office all the time. You might only be able to have janitorial cleaning in once a week or a few times a week. This means that your office or building is going to get dirty and it might be some time before your team is scheduled to come in. No matter how clean the janitorial team is able to get your building or office, it's not going to stay clean forever. Here are some tips for keeping your building or office as clean as possible in between scheduled cleanings so that your janitors can be more effect and so your work environment is more pleasant.

1. Watch Your Floors

Get into the habit of having one of your employees mop the floor in front of the doors to your building. During the winter, your employees are going to be tracking dirt, salt, and snow into your building which can wreck the floors and cause them to get slippery. Runner rugs can only do so much. By mopping the floor regularly, you can help remove the salt before it does damage and keep the floor from being unsafe. Rotate who is going to be mopping the floor so that no employee feels too put-upon.

Have your janitorial staff strip and wax the floor around the door before the weather gets cold and after the weather starts to get warm. This will allow you to increase the durability of your floors before they take a pounding, decreasing the chances that they will become permanently damaged. Stripping and waxing will also allow you to make your floors look good again.

Finally, make sure that you are cleaning your carpets before and after the winter to keep toxins from soaking into the carpet and potentially affecting the air quality in the building.

2. Swap Up Your Bathroom Cleaning Routine

You likely have an employee rotation to clean the bathrooms. Make sure that you are frequently changing up how an employee cleans the restrooms. If you are always cleaning something in the same way, you are going to miss areas of your bathroom that will just become dirtier over time. By switching up your routine and how you perform each part of the routine, you will be able to make sure that you hit all spots of your bathroom before they get too dirty. 

For more information, talk to a janitorial company like BonnyBrite Building Maintenance. They will likely have tips for you to help keep your office clean in between scheduled cleanings.

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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