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Giving Your Hardwood Floors A Shine With Natural Wood Cleaning Products

Hardwood flooring can be a costly investment to have installed in your home. You may want to save your investment by cleaning your floors and protecting them from wear. There are many hardwood cleaning products available to help you with this, but some chemicals can cause damage to your wood. This is why you may want to consider some natural solutions to keep the shine on your beautiful wood floors. Here are some tips to keep that natural shine on your wood floors:

Using Oil Based Cleaners With As Little Water As Possible

Oil based cleaners can be a great cleaning product for wood floors. If you want to use natural products, look for a wood cleaning product that has the types of oils used to make it. You will also want to use a light mixture, with just a small amount of water. This will help to ensure that water does not sit on the floors and leave marks. You may even want to try applying the cleaner to a push-mop and not using any water at all on the floor.

Applying A Light Coat Of Wax To Protect Your Floors From Wear

Wax can also be a good product for cleaning and treating your wood floors. There are many types of wood waxes available, but many have chemicals in them. If you want to use something natural, consider products that are made with beeswax. This will reduce the chemicals in your home and help to give your floors a nice, clean, protective shine.  Pure bees wax can be difficult to use, so you will want a diluted product that is easy to apply. You can contact a hardwood floor cleaning service and talk with them about some of the products that are best to use.

Sweeping, Buffing, And Keeping Floors Free Of Loose Debris

The most important thing you can do to protect your floors is keep them clean. Sweeping regularly will ensure that your floors are free of any loose debris that can cause scratches and blemishes. In addition, you may want to occasionally buff the floors. If you do the buffing yourself, try doing it by hand or with a dry mop to avoid damaging the wood. If you choose to use a machine, you may want to contact a hardwood floor cleaning service to do the buffing, because the commercial machines can do serious damage to hardwood floors.

With the proper care and using natural products when you clean, you will be able to extend the life of your hardwood floors. When you are ready to have the floors professionally cleaned, contact a professional hardwood cleaning service to get the job done for you. 

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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