Preparing for a Family Gathering

Get These Other Jobs Done By Your Pool Cleaner

Having a backyard pool provides hours of enjoyment for your family, especially if you have children or you enjoy entertaining large groups at your home. Unless you want to spend a considerable amount of your spare time cleaning the pool, it's ideal to hire a pool service like Aqua King for this job. Based on your needs and budget, you can set up a regular cleaning schedule and trust that the pool service will send a technician to take care of the job at regular intervals. In addition to the task of cleaning the pool there are a number of other duties that the pool service can fulfill — again, meaning that you won't have to do them. Here are some other jobs to get done.

Pool Opening And Closing

In addition to handling the cleaning duties, talk to your pool service about opening the pool at the start of the summer and closing it once fall arrives. These two jobs can take up your spare time and can likely be completed quicker by a trained pool service technician. Each job involves specific tasks, such as dealing with the pool cover, accessories such as the ladder, and, in the case of the pool opening, providing a chlorine shock treatment to get the water ready for your family's enjoyment.

Liner Inspection

A hole or cut in your pool liner will waste money and leave you with major headaches, so recruit your pool service to check the liner for any issues. While this can be done when the pool is full of water, the technician will be able to conduct more of a thorough inspection upon fully or partially draining the pool at the end of the swimming season. If a problem is spotted, the technician can take the necessary steps to deal with it so there are no delays to opening your pool again next summer.

Regular Maintenance When You're Away

When you're home, you'll likely take care of the simple upkeep jobs related to the pool, such as using a net to remove debris and regularly emptying the skimmer basket when it gets filled with leaves. When you're away from home, the pool filter will continue to run, which means that someone will need to take care of this job. While you might consider having a neighbor drop by to do the work, you'll get better results by having your trained pool service technician take care of this maintenance on your behalf.

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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