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Have a Split-Level House with Flooding? What to Do

If the lower and middle area of your split-level house flooded because of melting snow, and you aren't sure how to get everything cleaned up quickly, a flood-damage restoration company should be the first service provider you call. You have a short window of time to get the water out before mold and mildew become a problem, if they aren't already, and you want to try to preserve your home as much as possible. Here are the things you want to have done as soon as possible.

Water Vacuuming and Drying

The water has to be vacuumed out of all flooring, drywall, and other material that absorbed water. Right away, some of the structure of the home could start to warp, shift, and rot if it's consumed by water. After the water has been vacuumed as much as possible, high-temperature dryers and fans will be placed throughout the living space to help dry hard-to-reach places like insulation and inner-wall wood beams. This is the first step of the cleaning process and possibly the most important step when it comes to saving the home.  

Sealing Where Needed

As soon as everything is dry, you want to kill any bacteria that are present. This means putting a latex coating on the sub-flooring materials, on the walls, around the foundation of the home, and in other areas where it applies. There are a variety of sealants that kill 99.9 percent of germs and prevent germs from getting absorbed into the materials. Have the restoration company test for mold around the space to see where the sealing is needed most to prevent mold and mildew infestation.

HVAC Treatments

If the floors in the home were flooded, it's very likely that water go into the ductwork and the vents around the living space. You'll want to have the water removed from the ducts and then have the ventilation system cleaned out and treated accordingly. This helps you know that the air hasn't been compromised and that you aren't moving mold spores around when you have air moving through the ducts.

These are just a few of the things you'll want to concentrate on right away when you're dealing with a home that has flooding and when you have multiple levels of your home under water. The sooner you start to work on flood restoration and take action for the flooding, the easier it will be to save the house and some of the supplies. Your homeowners insurance provider will want pictures of the damages, and they may cover the restoration company's costs. 

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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