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Your Carpet Smells After Flood Cleaning: Why?

Your home's carpet suffered from a minor flood or other water damage that you had repaired by experts. However, there's still a slightly pungent smell in the air that you can't quite identify. What is happening here? And how can you keep it from getting worse?

Mold And Mildew May Be Growing

Carpet smells after a flood are often the result of mildew and mold growth. These spores require damp areas to grow on and are common in carpets that have suffered from floods. After all, carpet fibers are very good at absorbing water and retaining it, and there's a chance that the pad underneath of your carpet is still holding on to some water.

When your carpet is infested with mildew or mold, it will begin to stink as it spreads. It may not be immediately noticeable until the problem becomes more widespread. In fact, by the time you actually notice a smell, mildew and mold may have spread through most of your carpet.

The Dangers Are More Severe Than A Stench

While mildew definitely has a serious odor, it also poses a variety of health risks. Breathing in mildew can cause a variety of respiratory problems, from minor cold-like symptoms to more dangerous conditions. This is especially true if a person is allergic to mildew and accidentally ingests it. Even though mildew on a carpet may seem impossible to ingest, its spores may float through the air.

This danger is more pronounced in an area of the home that is sealed off from the outside, such as the basement. Floods in the basement due to a burst pipe or spring thaw are more likely than upstairs floods, making it especially crucial to pay attention to these areas.

Eliminating This Mildew

The most important way to keep mildew from growing or to kill it is to keep your carpet clean with regular vacuuming, steam cleaning, and drying wet spots as they occur. The use of a dehumidifier may be necessary if the area is still damp after a flood or if the room tends to be humid. In this way, you are eliminating the food sources and water that mildew needs to grow.

You should also apply a carpet deodorizer to remove much of the lingering stench and air out the room, if possible, using fans in windows. After a few days, you should notice the smell going away. If you don't, professional help may be needed. Professional water damage restoration experts can fix the problem by eliminating any lingering humidity or dampness in your carpet.

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