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What Are The Steps To Take For A Professional Steam Cleaning?

If you're considering a steam carpet cleaning for your house, then you'll probably want to know what's involved beforehand. Here are some of the steps to go through for a great professional steam cleaning. 

Make Sure Steam Cleaning is the Best Option

First, you may want to consult your carpet cleaning company to see if steam cleaning is the best option. While it's a great choice in many cases, there are some things to review with a professional first. For one, some types of carpeting should not get wet, in which case a carpet grooming would be more appropriate. Show your carpet to a professional before scheduling a steam cleaning. If you have any allergies, you may also want to talk to the cleaner about which types of chemicals they use. While the steam cleaning chemicals are often okay for people with allergies, you could have a small area of your carpet done beforehand to make sure that the chemicals won't cause you any problems. 

Prepare Your Home

If you decide to schedule a carpet cleaning, there are some things you can do beforehand to make sure that the appointment goes well. First, push everything out of the way so that the cleaner can reach a majority of the carpet. Anything that you can move into a different room easily, you may want to store temporarily. Also make sure that you get anything out of the room that you will need to use in the next day, since your carpet will take a while to dry. It would be a shame to get footprints in the carpet as it dries. 

Clean the Carpet

The steam cleaning process will take a few hours for a whole house carpet cleaning. An initial layer of cleaning solution will be applied to the carpet to help the soil loosen from the carpet fabrics. Then, the professional will use a steam cleaning machine that sprays hot water to activate the chemicals fully and pull up soils from your carpet. 

Let it Dry

Finally, you will need to allow the carpet to dry for about a day, so plan to stay out of the room. It's wise to speed the process along to make sure that no mildew sets into the room. Your carpet cleaning company (like All Star Carpet Cleaning) might offer you fans to circulate the air and help remove excess moisture from the space as the carpet dries. 

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