Preparing for a Family Gathering

Hosting A Haunted House? 3 Ways To Keep Your Carpet From Being Permanently Damaged

Fall is a season of changing colors, cooler weather, and Halloween. It is the perfect time to watch movies about zombies, vampires, and the supernatural. If you like to get involved with Halloween, and you have decided that this year you want to host a haunted house, you have a lot of preparing ahead of you to make sure everything goes well. The entertainment is completely up to you and what kind of theme you want to work on, but there are numerous upkeep aspects that require a more straightforward approach. It is important to follow several tips on preventing your carpet from getting excessively dirty and possibly forever damaged.

Get a Few Abrasive Doormats

Most haunted houses start at the front door, so you should use this as your first line of defense. While you might have a single doormat right before walking into your home, you should use more than just one on this occasion because it may not be enough to remove all of the dirt and grime from shoes. Making sure the doormat extends the entire width of the door is crucial to ensure a deep cleaning.

If you have a paved walkway that leads to the front door, you will want to add more doormats. The great thing is that it should not be hard to find ones that have a Halloween design. So, while it might normally look strange having two or three doormats lined up on the way to the front door, the fact that they mesh with the haunted house design should be more than enough to alleviate your concerns. Also, since these events typically happen at night, your visitors may not even notice the doormats. This step will minimize how much dirt actually makes it into your home, which will help your carpet stay clean and stain-free.

Add a Rug to the Entryway

Without protection, a carpeted front entrance is going to get extremely dirty. So, you want to cover most or all of this specific area up with a plastic mat, or even better, a rug designed with Halloween in mind. Finding an inexpensive, used rug will allow you to just toss it out after the haunted house is over. Alternatively, if you are using a high-quality rug that you want to keep, you can clean it professionally.

Schedule Cleaning for the Following Day

To keep dirt stains and the huge quantity of foot traffic from causing permanent damage, you will find it most beneficial to schedule carpet cleaning for the day after Halloween. Doing it so early will minimize the need to pay extra for stain cleaning, which can cost about an extra 10 cents per square foot.

Hosting a haunted house can be all fun and games when you prepare for cleaning up beforehand.

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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