Preparing for a Family Gathering

Cleaning Your Cleaning Supplies

Living in a clean and orderly home is something that is important to many people. While these individuals might invest a significant amount of time each month keeping their home clean and tidy, it may not occur to them that the very supplies they are using to clean up could be spreading more dirt and germs. Keeping your cleaning supplies clean is an essential part of the cleaning equation.

Here are two simple tips you can use to ensure your cleaning supplies remain as clean as possible as you use them in the future.

1. Microwave your kitchen sponges.

If you rely on sponges to wipe down counters and clean up messes left on the stove in your kitchen, it's vital that you take the time to microwave these sponges on a regular basis in order to keep them clean.

According to The Denver Post, 75% of kitchen sponges test positive for coliform bacteria (which could contribute to food poisoning) and an additional 18% of sponges test positive for staph germs.

To ensure that dirty sponges aren't making your kitchen a health hazard, try running them under water and then placing them in the microwave for two minutes every couple of days. The heat from the microwave will kill off any harmful germs growing inside the sponge, making it safer for use during kitchen clean-ups.

2. Use compressed air on your feather duster.

It's natural for dust particles to settle on the surfaces inside your home. Although dust is common, it can pose serious problems for people with dust-mite allergies.

Statistics show that 10% of the human population is allergic to the proteins found in dust-mite waste. These same proteins can serve as a source of irritation for 80% of those who suffer from other types of allergies. Using a feather duster to keep your home dust free can be beneficial, but only if you are taking the time to clean the duster after each use.

Be sure to take your feather duster outside (and away from any open windows) and give it a good shake after giving your home a thorough dusting. Use a can of compressed air to completely remove any dust particles from the fibers within each feather. This will ensure that you aren't simply moving dust around the next time you clean but instead are eliminating it from your home completely.

Keeping your cleaning supplies clean will help you keep your home safe and comfortable in the future. For more information consult a company that provides full-service house cleaning

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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