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Keeping Your Business's Carpet Looking Like New

If you own a small business, and you just had new carpeting installed throughout the interior of your building, you will most likely be enjoying the improved appearance the carpeting gives. To keep your carpeting looking like new for as long as possible, simple maintenance steps will need to be taken in its care. Here are some tips you can use within your small business to retain the look of your carpeting for years to come.

Provide an Area for Wiping Shoes

It is important to have an area in the entryway of your building for customers and employees to use to wipe their shoes upon entry. Place an eye-catching welcome mat on the floor just inside your building's doors for this use. This can have a logo inscribed upon it along with your business' name to give the area a professional aura. Consider placing a sign on an easel near the doorway asking those who come inside to wipe their feet when there is inclement weather. This gentle reminder will most likely be followed, and this will help to keep your carpeting in a pristine state.

Hire a Cleaning Service to Do Deep Cleaning 

It is best to have a commercial office cleaning service come into your establishment periodically to care for the interior in a professional manner. The cleaning service will take care of the elimination of garbage, wipe down windows, dust desks and countertops, and handle any of your carpeting needs. A cleaning service will have the appropriate materials needed to clean a variety of mediums in their entirety. For carpeting, they will vacuum surface dirt and take care of stains with steam-cleaning equipment.

Use Plastic Mats to Help Contain Loose Dirt

When the weather outside is wet, it is best to place plastic mats in the areas of your establishment where foot traffic is heavy. These can be stored in a utility closet until they are needed and then rolled over the carpeting quickly if rain or snow becomes present outdoors. Clear plastic will not alter the appearance of your business's interior much, so this is a great way to keep dirt off the surface without giving your business a gaudy look in the process.

Handle Stains Immediately to Avoid Permanent Markings

Avoid staining your carpeting by providing an area for the consumption of food and drinks in an area where carpet is not installed. If something does spill on carpeting, blot the spill with a clean piece of material immediately. Do not rub the spilled substance, as this could cause it to be pushed into the material further, possibly making the stain bigger as the matter is dragged across the area. If blotting does not remove discoloration, spray the area with vinegar, as this is a natural stain remover for many types of carpet material. Blot the area again and call a commercial cleaning service to see if they can make an additional trip to your establishment to clean up the stain in its entirety.

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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