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Tips For Keeping Small Apartment Clean

If you live in a small apartment because you are trying to save up money, there's a good chance it's a struggled to keep it neat. The reason for this is that because your space is smaller, being lazy about any part of cleaning for a day or two can result in your entire apartment being overrun with clutter or dirt without leaving you anywhere to go. People with larger living spaces can at least move to a room that they haven't gone for a few days and have it be slightly cleaner. Here are some tips for keeping your small space clean.

1. Clean As You Go

The first step is to try to commit to cleaning as you go. If you need to use your table and it's covered in objects that you're not using at the moment, don't push them onto the floor or try to move them to another service. Instead, put those objects away before you pull out anything else. If you need to cook something and you have a small kitchen, wash the dishes that are in the sink before you actually start to make dinner. This will leave the sink open enough for you to put your newly dirtied dish in.

2. Be Savage About Clutter

Be sure that you are as savage about clutter as possible. If you have clothing that you haven't worn in six months, toss it out. Unless it's a special occasion outfit or it's seasonally viable, such as a winter coat, if you haven't touched it in a long time, you don't need it. This will help you free up space in your apartment to leave it feeling more open and cleaner.

3. Get a Hamper

If you used to throw your dirty clothes on the ground and collect them later when you needed to wash them, consider investing in a hamper. This will be helpful because it will allow you to keep your dirty clothes in a single location and allow you to vacuum more easily. It will also make your space feel less cluttered.

4. Get an Air Filter

In a small space, dust is going to pile up quickly because it has nowhere to go. If you get an air filter, you might be able to get rid of some of the dust before it lands on surfaces that you will then have to clean.

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