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Simple And Effective Homemade Grout And Tile Cleaning

Tile floors can become dirty easily, especially in areas like the kitchen or bathroom. The grout in between the tiles can also become soiled, and over time it can be unsightly. If you're currently grappling with dirtied tile floors, a simple solution of baking soda and vinegar can help you bring your floors back to their original shine in no time. This easy-to-make solution is not only inexpensive, but it does not contain harsh chemicals like most commercial floor cleaners. Here is how to make this easy solution so you can clean your tile and grout in a few simple steps.

What You Need

To make the cleaning mixture, you will need a few simple ingredients. First, you'll need about three to four cups of baking soda. You will also need about one cup of white vinegar, a spray bottle, a sponge, dry cloth, old toothbrush, some hydrogen peroxide, and two or three cups of warm water. Mix the baking soda, vinegar, and warm water in the spray bottle and shake it thoroughly, ensuring that all of the baking soda is dissolved. You don't need to purchase a new spray bottle if you do not want to. Simply clean out an old bottle of cleaner and re-use it for this mixture. 

Cleaning Tile

To clean your tile using this mixture, spray it directly onto a soft washcloth or sponge that has been pre-moistened with a little of the white vinegar. Gently rub the cloth or sponge onto the tile, working in a back and forth motion. You may need to moisten the cloth as you go, and you can also add more baking soda directly to it as well if you have some stubborn stains. When you've finished, rinse the tile with warm water and then dry it with a soft microfiber towel. 

Cleaning Grout

The dirt that gets into grout lines is often more stubborn than surface tile dirt, so this process may require a few more steps. Instead of using a sponge or cloth, you will need to spray the solution you made onto an old toothbrush. Scrub the grout lines thoroughly with the toothbrush and focus on areas where the stains are more prominent. If you want to really ensure that the grout looks as good as new, leave the solution to sit on the grout overnight. Then, wipe the solution away the next day using a damp cloth. Your tiles and grout should look clean again, and this is a simple way to keep them clean without spending a lot of money on more harmful cleaners. If you find that you need professional help cleaning your tile, contact a business like Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc

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