Preparing for a Family Gathering

Daily Bathroom Cleaning: A Quick Cleaning Regimen That Keeps Your Bathroom Looking Great All Week Long

Many house cleaning services get paid to clean their clients' homes every two weeks. That might be acceptable in normal parts of the house, but bathrooms can get germy and gross in that time. The key to keeping your bathroom looking great in between visits from the house keeper is to spend five minutes each day doing a quick surface cleaning. Follow these tips to keep your bathroom sparkling while you wait for your house keeper to return.

Straighten and Put Away

This should take one minute. Put away all towels, throw clothes into the hamper, put away hair care products, ibuprofen, and nail clippers. Return your shampoo to its rightful place in the shower. The purpose of putting this task first is to ensure that when you move on to the next step, all surfaces are clear and easy wipe down. 

Clean In, On and Under

This should take two minutes. Use baby wipes to clean off your sink, faucet and countertop. Get the toothpaste gunk out of the sink bowl. Use a fresh baby wipe to clean any surfaces on the toilet (including the top of the tank and that dirty part right next to the lid). Wipe down any toilet surfaces featuring a stray hair or visible dirt. With one more baby wipe, scrub down any stains and dust in the shower and bathtub. Finally, coat the inside of the toilet bowl with cleaner and scrub down the bowl very quickly with the toilet scrubber. Flush and move on tot the next step. 

Clean Floors

This will take one more minute. Use a compact disposable mop with wet wipe cloths to clean your bathroom floors quickly. This needs to be done last because it leaves the floors wet. Once the floors look good, put your mop back in its place and leave the bathroom. 


The trick to making all this happen is two-fold:

  1. You must dedicate time to doing this every day. To ensure that you do get this done on a daily basis, set an alarm for yourself, either on your watch or phone, to remind yourself to clean the bathroom at a moment that's usually convenient for you.
  2. Keep the necessary cleaning products on-hand at all times. This includes everything from toilet bowl cleaner to baby wipes, a disposable mop and refill sponges. All of these cleaning products need to be in an easy to reach location in the bathroom. If the cleaning products are difficult to reach, the cleaning regimen begins to become too time consuming and burdensome. 

Following this five-minute cleaning regimen will keep your bathroom looking beautiful in between house cleanings. For more tips and helpful suggestions, speak with your house keeper.  

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Preparing for a Family Gathering

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