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Addressing Two Important Water Damage Restoration Questions You May Be Wondering

When water damage strikes your home, it is critical for you to understand what the repair process will entail. This will help to make plans that can help reduce the inconvenience and stress that you may be feeling following this type of damage. However, many new homeowners have never had to contend with this issue, which can cause them to need additional information about this process.

By considering the following couple of answers to routine questions, you should find yourself possessing more of the information you need about this type of repair:

How Long Will It Take For Wood Floors To Dry?

Wood floors can suffer extensive damage from excessive water, and this will often be in the form of rotting or buckling floors. In addition to being unsightly, these issues represent a structural problem with the home, and if it is not addressed, it can lead to major injuries or even structural collapse. 

Unfortunately, hardwood floors will take far longer to dry than carpet. While carpet can usually be dry in a matter of days, hardwood floors may need to be treated for a week or longer. This is because it is more difficult to extract the moisture from the various pores that are found in the wood, and even with their advanced tools, this is still a time-consuming task. 

Will Everything That Sewage Water Comes Into Contact With Need To Be Replaced?

There is a common misconception that anything that is touch by sewage water will have to be replaced. While this is true for any materials that are porous enough for this water to seep through, there are numerous items around your home that will likely not need this type of repair. 

For example, stone and hardwood floors will typically not need to be replaced following exposure to sewage. These materials are able to be disinfected, and this can save you a substantial amount in terms of repairing this damage. However, only an experienced water damage restoration expert will be able to evaluate these materials to ensure they can be sanitized and that they have not suffered additional damages, such as rot. 

When water damage strikes your home, you must have this problem addressed as soon as possible to ensure that you keep the needed repairs to a minimum. By understanding that your hardwood floors can be saved from being replaced and that some items can be salvaged following exposure to sewage, you can help ensure that our home is restored as soon as possible following this type of damage.

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