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Depression Apartment Therapy: Use Your Space To Lift Your Mood

Depression is a chronic mental illness that affects everything around you. Around 16 million people are said to suffer from depression or suffer from at least one depressive episode in the United States. Being depressed may mean that you don't enjoy the things around you as you normally would. The positive side is that depression and depressive moods can be lifted through external and internal factors. One of the external factors that you can control is the decor of an apartment. If you or someone you know is going through depression, here are some ways to help them right inside of their apartment.

Hire an apartment cleaning service

Depression often wipes away energy. A person that is depressed may not feel like doing much of anything, aside from the responsibilities that they must perform. For this reason, housekeeping can fall to the wayside. As a catch-22, people may feel more depressed in an environment that is not clean. Find a house cleaning service like Deep Cleaning that can get the apartment home back into its original shape. Have the housekeeping service do the dishes, clean the rooms, and wipe the apartment back to a clean slate as far as domestic duties go. It may be a good idea to have a cleaning service come by once a week or so, if you tend to go through a depressed state that lasts for weeks at a time.  

Bring in the light

Light can be healing for those with depression. Those who suffer from seasonal depression are often prescribed light therapy to aid in mood elevation. Make sure the light comes in to all of the windows in your apartment home. Trade out any dark colored drapes with white or a beige shade. Make sure to open the window shades every morning to allow light to come through. This will make you feel light in turn. Have the apartment cleaning service wash every window on the inside and out if possible. Windows that are clean allow for clean, bright light to shine through.

 Add a pop of color and a living thing

Living things can exude energy into your space. Bring in a pretty, live plant such as a peace lily. This will be easy to take care of and will grant your space more positive energy. Flowers are a necessity to create a pop of color in your space and make you smile. Get a small vase and purchase fresh multi colored flowers, like daisies and different varieties of roses.

Go plump and plush

Being comfortable in your home will increase your mood, due to the feelings associated with your home. Treat yourself to some plush, thick pillows. Get a pretty, comfortable throw for your sofa. Purchase a heavy, lush duvet cover that makes you want to jump into bed and snuggle. Furniture items and accessories that give you a sense of comfort while being pleasing to the eye raise your mood and pride about your home. Cleaning services are often able to do laundry or send laundry out to a service on your behalf. This will keep your blankets and other comfort items clean and ready for you to sink into and enjoy.

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