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Signs You Need to Repair Your Vacuum

The last thing you want when you turn on your vacuum is to hear the classic whine and smell the odor of a broken belt. The truth is, it seems like vacuums need repair just when you need them most. A simple penny, sock, or even collection of cat hair can make any vacuum cleaner beg for mercy. Here are signs you need to get your vacuum repaired and how you can make your home more friendly to these cleaning machines.

It stinks

If your vacuum smells like rotten cheese every time you turn it on, you may have sucked up something wet. The moisture caught in your vacuum's hose or in the bag can allow lots of bacteria to breed and create a stink party. You may also be vacuuming over household spills, such as baby spit up, pet urine, or even fresh food, that is causing your vacuum to cough out a stench that makes you want to throw open all your windows. Don't throw the ghastly stench-infused appliance out. Contact your local vacuum cleaner repair service, such as Everett Vacuum LLC,  to take apart the offending machine and give it a good cleaning.

It doesn't suck

If any appliance in your house sucks the most, it should be your vacuum. But if your hose is only inhaling enough to spit out whatever it is it's trying to consume, then you don't have the suction you need. You may have tried sticking a clothes hanger down the hose or changing the vacuum bag to no avail. You may have even tried clipping all the wound-up hair that is growing around your cleaning brush just to end up with hair balls your vacuum still refuses to suck up. A vacuum cleaner repair shop can take your unit apart and locate just what is causing your vacuum's issues and set it right again.

It blows dust

What's worse than a vacuum that doesn't suck anything up at all is one that appears to clean your carpets but blows a dust storm around you the entire time while doing so. Your bag or canister may be too full, but if taking care of that issue still results in a desert storm every time you turn your vacuum on, it may be time for repairs. Don't suffer with debris in your lungs just to clean your carpets; have a repair specialist give your vacuum the examination it needs.

These common issues can happen to your vacuum at any time, even if you take care to change its belt and try to avoid sucking up items that don't belong in it. A vacuum repair specialist can make this appliance good as new so you don't experience any unwelcoming surprises when you turn it on.

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